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The best strain for rookie grower

Indoor growing is a rewarding and powerful experience that gives you the most control over your growing environment, which makes you feel good and highs. Many types of cannabis strains also come with many different highs you can get. To start your indoor grow, think about how big your space is, how much you want to grow, and how quickly it will grow. If a strain grows faster than if it grows more flowers. As a newbie, you should look for a strain that is somewhere in the middle. It will take 7-12 weeks to flower, but it will also have a lot of buds.

Depending on what you want to do with cannabis and where you live, choosing a marijuana plant based on how well it grows makes sense. The plant might need to be kept inside to avoid rot or keep pests away, as an example. As for tall and smelly plants, you might want to grow them outside.

Are All Weed Strains Suitable for Grows?

There is a way to say it. All strains can be grown indoors, but some varieties are better at this than others. Bushy indica and auto flowering strains don't get taller than 120cm, so they're already good for small spaces.

Indoor growing also allows growers to be in charge of their own time (to a degree, at least). It takes a lot less light in the fall for photo-period cannabis plants to start blooming. Indoors, growers can change the light cycle to make their plants flower at any time. Alternatively, they can keep plants in a veg-specific light cycle to help them grow longer.

They can grow up to 300cm tall. Sativa strains can be very tall, too. Growers can limit the vertical growth of their plants by planting them in small containers. But they won't get as much of a harvest as strains bred for indoor growing.

Most strains can be grown indoors or outside, but some have better traits for one or the other. 

There are five strains that are good for growing indoors that we'll look at in the text below. The best choice for you will be based on what kind of weed garden you want to make.

If you live in a place where the weather is bad, you should grow cannabis indoors. You might also want to keep your plants private if you live in a city. After a lot of thought, we think these are the best five strains to grow inside.

The Afghan Kush 

Pure indica, Afghan Kush likes a climate that is like a summer in Europe, so it likes that. As long as you grow it indoors, you should be able to get about 16 ounces of weed per 10 square feet. It only takes the plant about seven to eight weeks to flower. It's also very resistant to molds, bugs, and other things that can get in. You should be able to grow this in soil or with hydroponics.

The Northern Lights

From the West Coast of the United States, this award-winning strain of cannabis has won many prizes. Breeders used indica genetics from Afghanistan to make Northern Lights. The Northern Lights strain can grow more than 6.5 feet outside. The plant will do best in a sunny and warm place. The Mediterranean climate is the best place for this plant to grow, just like many other strains of it.

Hardy plants like Northern Lights are easy to grow. It takes the strain about seven to nine weeks to flower.

You should start with Northern Lights if you are a newbie and can't decide which strain to start with. Putting together Afghani and Thai strains, this strain relaxes muscles, calms the mind, is easy to smoke, and is also very easy to grow.

To avoid having to worry about your grow tent getting too tall, the Northern Lights plant has a shorter stalk. The Northern Lights strain is best for indoor grow systems because most people start out with a small 2x2 grow tent for their plants. It is also one of the easier cannabis plants to grow because it can handle changes in temperature and humidity better than other plants. Grow tent ventilation can be hard to get right, so growing a strain that can handle a wide range of weather conditions will help you learn faster as a beginner grower.

If you want to grow weed quickly, the Northern Lights strain has one of the shortest flowering times with dense buds. Because it isn't easy for mold and mildew to grow on it, and because it doesn't have a strong smell, it's a good choice.

 Haze Berry 

If you want to grow terpenes in your house and make them taste good, you should try Haze Berry. This plant is so tasty that it makes a mix of molecules that not only make you want to eat more, but also have a big effect on how high you feel.

Blueberry and Shining Silver Haze are the parent strains of Haze Berry. They both have the same kind of personality. By crossing these two types, our breeders came up with a strain that has 60% sativa genes and 40% indica genes.

Haze Berry is a great plant to grow inside. It can reach a height of 100cm, but can be taught not to go above 60cm. We think this variety should be topped early in the vegetative phase so that it has a dense canopy of flowers that are the same size. If you grow this plant for 9–11 weeks, you can expect to get 525–575g/m2.

Green Crack Punch

Green Crack Punch should be used to fill your storage jars to the brim. This magnificent strain generates an abundance of tall, thin buds that have an electrifying and cerebral influence on the consumer. You can expect indoor plants grown under high-quality lights to produce up to 500g/m2. Individual plants can generate up to 600 seeds per plant when grown outdoors.

Sativa vs. Indica: Which is better?

The names indica and sativa come from the way these species are classified by nature, which is based on how they look. Cannabis indica plants are shorter and have leaves that are wide and dark green in color. People used to think that Cannabis indica plants had more CBD than Cannabis sativa plants. So, growers and dispensaries tried to sell indica-derived strains as a way to get a more "relaxing high."

In contrast, Cannabis sativa-derived strains that had more THC would make you feel more energetic.

Many experts say that even if this classification scheme were true, there is no way to be sure that any strain name is correct. There isn't a third-party agency that can tell you which strain names belong to indica, sativa, or a mix.

For example, some people say that products made from Cannabis indica are calming. However, other parts of cannabis can also make people feel drowsy and have other psychoactive effects. Compounds are made of:

  1. Linalool
  2. Myrcene
  3. Limonene
  4. Alpha-pinene

Some experts say that manufacturers should stop calling their products sativa or indica because they often don't include these things in their descriptions. Use these names to describe things that aren't true and are more complicated than people thought.

The White Widow

Taking the White Widow strain makes you feel energized and relaxed at the same time. You'll be in a state of euphoria that lets you function normally, but with a little more positive energy. White Widow's parent plants give a clear explanation for why this strain is so balanced. It comes from a mix of sativa and indica strains that came from South America and India.

With both parents being landrace strains, it should come as no surprise that White Widow turned out to be a highly potent and genetically-desirable strain that has strong effects both in terms of strength and therapeutic effectiveness. And of course, the White Widow cannabis strain is known for its huge resin production. It usually has THC levels of 20% to 25%, which makes for a bright flower that has a lot of legitimate medicinal benefits.

In every sense of the word, White Widow weed could be a "perfect" marijuana strain - or at least as close to perfect as you can get on this earth.


If you want to use cannabis for both medical and recreational reasons, you need to know how different strains affect you. This is because cannabis is more available now than ever before. People and doctors can choose the right product if they know how cannabis plants look and how they affect people and their bodies and minds.

Cannabis farmers crossbreed cannabis plants to make new strains that have different levels of THC, CBD, and many other substances that can affect the body. Each plant may be used for different things, like medicine or fun. Scientists need to do more research into this plant and how it affects people in order to learn more about it.

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