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How to Choose Grow Tent for Growing Cannabis?

Let me know, if you all want to use inhouse Grow Tent with LED lights Shed? All you have access to inhouse significant environment to grow rapidly. This article helps you to place inhouse LED Lights Grow Tents setup. But question is how it works, you came online on the right place my article will help you in making this Grow Tent more good way.


LED Lights Growing Tents are moveable items you can used and placed anywhere other than open Sunlight, if you want to grow any type of vegetables and fruits etc. These Grow Tents works likewise you place plants in open Sunlight’s. These Growing Tents provides an excellent room for any kind of indoors of any kind of plants you want to grow in a boxed shed with all cleanliness 365 days a year, no issue of any weather outside your house or working areas.

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What’s reason you need LED Growing Tents: 

  1. Long-lasting shade stuff with a reflection panel that’s catches the LED light inside your growing tent.
  2. Heavy Duty CFM rotating fan along with a carbonized filter provides indoor room temperature control, smell control, and air movements in this tent.
  3. A decent covering area with a large space room to grow your indoor fruits and vegetables without covering them.
  4. Proper tested hydroponics system with which you can easily clean and easy to feed your plants using automated clocks timers.
  5. High resolutions grow lights offering favorable amount of light and heat for your plants.
  6. These growing tents are easy to install no need of technical knowledge, every growing tent comes up with proper guideline to how use them for your plants?

How these indoor LED Tents work for you?

Beneath is the guidelines I will explain you about the areas and how to use each section while using a Growing inhouse Tents.

Hard & Long-lasting Body Canvas Fabric: 

Indoor LED Grow Tents would only be made from long lasting fabrics or polyester, or nylon stitched to an inner layer that is made from biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (or BoPET). Your outer Tent Canvas must be durable, and flame proofed so growing tents inner areas should meant to increase the performance of light by offering very good light reflections.

The diameter of your tent’s fabric that makes it in terms of straight away plenty of thickness or refute. Most the large indoors Plants growers entrust in using fabric that has a thickness anywhere between 600D to 900D. While, if you want to use a large growing tent, it is always important to select the most rugged option available.

Inner Lining areas of Growing Tent: 

The inner surface is mostly used for growing tent to reflect LED light. Mostly materials used indoor tents to have vast reflection surface for heavy lights on growing plants.

The radius of reflections is wide and long. Mostly starts at range from 50% and goes up to 90% reflection capacity of your growing tents. It is the most captious cause to enlighten as most effective reflection system in your growing tent, most of your energy will be saved and not wasted.

On other side advantage of using inner Liner and Fabrics is to reflect better range of LED light that is mostly start from up to bottom and edge corners in-order to get large amount of heat light for your plants. So, before going into market and willing to purchase Grow Tent only buy high-quality fabric that will help you save your money.

Grow Tent Structure: 

All you need to place in the tent single or two fans (hanged properly to the sheet), an exhaust fan, with a short measuring length of duct pipes for drainage, some zip ties to tie these fans with clips, a few pallets of paper tape to tie them all and a couple of magnetic or velcro strips, and an automatic timer for your lights.

Below are the main checklists required for you indoor grow tent: 

  • Any wire recks or iron recks with these measurements are ideal (36 width x 12 depth x 54 height for only 01 or 02 plants or 36 width x 24 depth x 54 height for 03 or 04 small plants)
  • LED Heat lights
  • black and white Polyester Film or Silver coated silicon sheet for inner surface
  • 01 or 02 fans small size
  • exhaust fan
  • Duct pipes for ventilation inhouse tent
  • Bundle of small zip ties
  • Paper coated tape
  • magnetic or velcro strips
  • automatic timer for each grow heat lights

These specs are the basics that must be finalized before moving ahead with a new system or thinking of upgrading your existing system.

Can Plants grow using regular LED light bulbs in Grow Tent?

Normal white light from regular LEDs used in houses and open areas in buildings for lightning is the combination of red, blue, and green light. As red, blue, and green makes your plants to grow somehow, that reflects that reflection of normal LED Bulbs can grow plants little bit but not to exact range required from Growing Tents. However, the density of Heat Light is not exactly known to percentage it provides these red, blue, green colors at once to the plants. In my opinion, standard LED Bulbs are not ideal for using inhouse Growing Tents.

Wrap Up: 

Growing any kind of plants at home or in offices is healthy exercise and time consuming for person to enjoy their free time unless you have very good vacant areas to place these growing tents. But reason of tough life and limited surfaces in residentials & commercial areas, many people find it difficult to grow their favorite plants. Not only with this sliver coated inner layers Heat LED Lights Tents now comes with automatic timers that makes your life easier.

Now a days Growing Tents are gaining popularity for indoor plants, but only drawback is your plants only survive with adequate supply of lights.

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