6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM – Hon&Guan
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM
6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM

6 inches Home Exhaust Fan 141 CFM

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  • Modern design Modern design and good looking, the unit provides continuous and quiet ventilation to allow speedy reduction of humidity levels and avoid mildew and mould growth. Paremeters: Air flow 141 CFM, Power:18w, Voltage: 110v
  • Durable Material Fan frame and blade are made of high quality durable ABS plastic,UV resistant, makes it high efficiency working and long working life. Effective, extremely quiet ventilation clears humidity and odors quickly
  • Application Hon&Guan used silent-clever technology with only 35db, continuous or periodic exchaust ventilation area such as bathroom, showers, kitchens and other spaces.
  • Energy saving It has reliable low power consumption, power:18W, continuous operation, and the protection class is IPX4,suitable for the home, office, bar, gargage, bathroom.
  • Easy installation The fans can be directly mounted into the ventilation shaft also suitable for ceiling mounting, just fix the fan to wall by self-tapping screws. Front panel dimension: 193*193*35 mm; Back duct dimension 150*150*100mm, include the fastening ring ,back shutter and the screws. With plug.
  • Voltage: AC110V/60Hz
  • Current: 0.138A
  • Power: 18W
  • Airflow: 240m3/h
  • Air pressure: 60Pa
  • Speed: 2000RPM
  • Noise: 35 dB
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Front panel dimension: 193*193*35 mm
  • Back duct dimension 150*150*100mm
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Customer Reviews

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Highest CFM for my buget

Currently making a toy hauler from a 24' covered car hauler trailer. Using the fan to move the climate controlled air from main quarters to the soon to be bath room. And so far it is managing. The fan is quieter than an traditional "fart fan" exhaust fan for a bathroom. But is still louder than the 1 ton mini split. I would buy another one when the need raises. I have LED lights that look light traditional tube lights in a shop, that the fan is plugged into. Fan and light are A OK plugged in this way.

Juan Hernandez
Finally have a vent in the bathroom!

We had an electrician wire it for us inside the walls so there��d be no wires sticking out. My husband then patched the walls and bought an extender and vent cover for the outside wall.

We are pleased with this purchase and was able to add ventilation to a downstairs bathroom that had none!


Brilliant. The mirror no longer gets soggy or the bathroom fills up with steam. Almost no noise, easy to install. Excellent product.

Luis Suarez
Get this one!

Pleasantly surprised with this product. My hopes where low considering other similar products I have seen, but this one checked all the boxes. Product was well packed, and it even came with instructions (many products like this doesn't believe it or not) Build materials are good, I was hoping for the silver part to be just painted plastic, but in reality its a (real) aluminium plate which quite nice!

When it comes to noise, all fans will make some noise thats a fact. This one its on par or even less than other fans.

Ver happy with my purchase.



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