AC Cooling Fan Axial Flow 120x120x25MM for DIY Cooling Ventilation – Hon&Guan
120x120x25MM AC Axial Flow Cooling Fan
120x120x25MM AC Axial Flow Cooling Fan
120x120x25MM AC Axial Flow Cooling Fan
120x120x25MM AC Axial Flow Cooling Fan
120x120x25MM AC Axial Flow Cooling Fan

120x120x25MM AC Axial Flow Cooling Fan

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  • The cooling fan deliver high volume air flow with lower noise to facilitate a highly efficient ventilation in enclosed or small areas.
  • Dual ball bearing allows continuous operation 24/7 without too much of dust and high temperature concern, have a lifespan. Even more it allows the fans to be laid flat or stand.
  • Easy to install and use. It is perfect for the custom projects which requires ventilation, cooling, or as a replacement fan for various products.
  • 120 x 120 x 25 mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch)

Dimension 120x120x25MM
Bearing System Sleeve& Ball
Impeller Plastic
Frame Aluminum Alloy
Rated Voltage (V) 220V
Freq. (Hz) 50/60
Current (A) 0.09/0.08
Input Power (W) 18.0/14.0
Speed (RPM) 2100/2500
Air Flow (CFM) 35/37
Stati Pressure (mm-H2O) 3.80/5.0
Noise Level (dB-A) 36/38
Operation Temperature -10¡æ-65¡æ, 35%-85% RH
Storage Temperature -40¡æ-70¡æ, 35%-85% RH

Customer Reviews

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This fan blows... A lot of air!

So yeah this fan seems to be of high quality construction and moves a decent amount of air. I wanted to have a fan to get some air flow around my router, fiber modem, NAS enclosure, etc. as even though everything sits on a shelf, the lack of airflow sees everything just kind of stewing. Everything is way cooler now so the fan does the trick.

My only beef (which there is a solution for) is the act of moving air does inherently generate noise. When things are really quiet you can definitely notice the soft hum of the fan going and the amount of air it moves is kind of overkill. The solution then is the potentiometer kit they sell. It's super high quality as well and it appears like it has four positions (off, low, medium and high), but it is really a potentiometer with infinite adjustability from off to full power. I think offering a "kit" with both the controller and fan with some of discount would be awesome. It's a bit of a face palm to buy a ~$11 fan and then have to go back and spend ~$12 so the fan isn't full-tilt all the time.

Lots of air, more noise than expected

The fan appears to be very well made. I was surprised at the weight of the package. Turns out the frame is metal, not plastic like most computer muffin fans. The cord was a wee bit tricky to get mounted. The pins didn't line up perfectly with the fitting. Situate it so you can see the pins and the socket at the same time and you shouldn't have much trouble getting it lined up. Don't assume they'll slide on smoothly.

This may be a "low speed" fan, but that's obviously relative. It moves a lot of air. It would be adequate to frequently turn over the air in a quite large equipment cabinet.

"Quiet" is also clearly a relative term. With it sitting on the table a foot away it makes more noise than the too loud fan it was intended to replace. I've ordered the Hon&Guan speed controller and hope that allows me to turn the fan down to where it's not heard in a quiet room.
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Absolute best quality I've seen.

An absolute beautiful piece of kit. Super Solid aluminum body. Everything about this fan is top notch quality. I can't see a project cooling fan being any better than this. Lots of air moves and extremely quiet considering the air flow. Fan guards are solid metal and amazing quality and design. All mounting hardware and silencing washers included. This is no cheap China fan. This thing's legit.



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