Hon&Guan 6" Bathroom Window and Wall Extractor Fan with Light Shutter
Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light 6 Inch
Bath Exhaust Fan with Led Light
6 Inch Axial Wall Exhaust Fan 116 CFM with Led Light B-Type
6 Inch Axial Wall Exhaust Fan 116 CFM with Led Light B-Type
Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light 150MM
6 Inch Axial Wall Exhaust Fan 116 CFM with Led Light B-Type
Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light Ceiling Mounted
Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light Wall Mounted

6 Inch Axial Wall Exhaust Fan 116 CFM with Led Light B-Type

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  • Durable material: Exhaust fan frame and blade are made of high quality durable ABS plastic,UV resistant, makes it high efficiency working and long working life. Effective, extremely quiet ventilation clears humidity and odors quickly.
  • Modern design: Modern design and good looking, the unit provides continuous and quiet ventilation to allow speedy reduction of humidity levels and avoid mildew and mould growth.
  • 5W Light: Built in Built-in 5W LED, and the bulb can be replaceable; LED Color Temperature: 6500~7000K.
  • Easy installation: The fans can be directly mounted into the ventilation shaft also suitable for ceiling mounting, just fix the fan to wall by self-tapping screws.
  • Application: used silent-clever technology with only 0.8 sone, continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation area such as bathroom, showers, kitchens and other spaces.

6 Inch Exhaust Fan:
Diameter 150 mm
Voltage/Frequency 110 ~ 120V / 60 Hz
Current 0.44 amps
Power 31W
Speed 2350 RPM
Air Flow 197 m3 / h
Air Pressure 52 Pa
Noise <40 dB
Net Weight 1.1 KG
Protection Class IP34
Bulb Power 5W

Customer Reviews

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So Good I Own Several Of Them Now

This is an awesome, quite little fan. For its price, it is surely durable. I like that it is made of durable metal and can plug into the wall, no usb charging. I also like the mounts that come with it; one could do a great many things with this well-designed fan. Though I use it for small soldering projects, it could easily be mounted into a wall or some form of a boxed heating structure to make a heater (check online projects to do so safely).
My one suggestion, if you are after one of the best small fans on the market and choose this one, be sure to get the control knob when you buy it. There is no reason to have both power cords, really, and, chances are, if you buy it with out the control cord, you will end up wanting it, anyway. The control cord works great. Remember to pay attention to the airflow arrow on the part of the fan where the cord plugs in 'before' installation. This is one nice fan. :)

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Nathan B. Holth
Great!... but safety first!

So we have a condo, and our main bathroom has a window but NOT a fan... and we take hot showers, not lukewarm showers. Even with the door and single small window open during and for hours after the shower, the walls were crying from the steam, and some mold spots were beginning to form on the ceiling. To get a proper fan installed, we would need to get HOA permission to add a vent to the exterior of the building (HUGE headache). This fan is small enough to fit on the tiny ledge of the window, but still powerful enough to make a very noticeable difference in the level of steam in the room during and after the shower. The walls didnt cry anymore! One word of caution- I did not install the protective screen that prevents the blades from being damaged (or damaging you) and I will tell you from experience- use the protective screens!! The extension cord dragged the spinning fan off the ledge and I caught it before it fell- but it took a chunk out of my finger for my trouble. Be Safe!



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