Hon&Guan Showcases Ventilation Technological Innovations at 2023 MJbiz

Hon&Guan Showcases Ventilation Technological Innovations at 2023 MJbizcon


Long-Term Commitment and Innovation

Hon&Guan's continuous innovation and long-term commitment to ventilation technology were fully displayed at the exhibition. We introduced several breakthrough products, from the enhanced HI-PE series to the newly designed ceiling exhaust fan, each representing a deep dive and innovation in existing technology.

2023 MJbizcon Hon&Guan take a group photo with industry professionals

Product Highlights

  1. HI-PE Series: Equipped with a DC motor, metal spray-painted shell, rust and moisture resistance. This series also includes a 3.5mm audio data interface, compatible with various speed controllers, allowing for stepless speed adjustment with 0-10v voltage control/PWM signal transmission.

  2. EC Wireless Six-Speed Switch: Features a tempered glass panel, touch design, low-power long standby, dual 7-number batteries, responsive speed. It also boasts lightning protection, surge resistance, a smart MCU microchip, RF 433MHz, long-range remote control, and wall-penetrating remote control capabilities.

  3. New Ceiling Exhaust Fan: Integrates ventilation and lighting functions, fireproof, high-temperature resistant, and multi-blade centrifugal wheel design.

  4. HI-SD Series: Characterized by front and rear concave-convex design, increasing duct friction, compact size with powerful suction, stepless speed control, DC fan, and double insulation.

  5. EC Wired LCD Smart Switch: An advanced control solution for modern ventilation systems.

  6. Bladeless Fan HR-AE Series: Utilizes air multiplier technology, employing techniques from jet engines and car turbochargers, drawing air through the bottom inlet. The hidden impeller in the ring edge ejects air in a circular trajectory, increasing airflow volume up to 15 times.

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Looking to the Future

At MJbizcon, numerous important partners, media representatives, industry influencers, and users visited the Hon&Guan booth, witnessing the future of ventilation. Attendees included product design engineers from Apple and experts in Cannabis & IPM, among other industry leaders.

As a company committed to innovation, Hon&Guan continuously evolves, exploring and pushing the boundaries of ventilation technology. We are excited about our future in this rapidly developing industry and invite everyone to join us in this remarkable journey. Thank you for being a part of our continuing adventure in advancing ventilation solutions.

2023 Hon&Guan Mjbizcon Exhibition Overview

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