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The Multi Installation Ways of Inline Duct Fans

What Is an Inline Duct Fan and How Does It Work? These fans are spherical and are used to cover one ductwork section. As a result, your HVAC ducting will need to be worked on and exposed to install inline duct fans. Depending on the unit, some may be plugged in, while others require hardwiring and a relay to notify the furnace to turn on and off. As a result, an electrician may be necessary for installation in some cases. Know the form and size of your ductwork before making a purchase. This guarantees that you get the right size unit. These fans produce a quieter result than the register booster fans when the installation is complete. What is the...

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How to Choose the Ventilation Fan Size ?

The required air volume depends on the room usage,created contamination and heat in the room.While choose the ventilation fan,should consider min air volume per person needed and the air exchange frequency. Ventilation Selection Calculation Required products quantity will be calculated as below: Required product Qty=Required air flow volume(m³/h)÷Air flow volume of selected product(m³/h) Two methods to calculate the required airflow volume(m³/h): 1. Calculated by the times of required air exchange per hourV=RV*NRv:room volume(m³)N:times of air exchange per hour(t/h) 2.Calculated by required airflow volume to each personV=PV*PPV:volume of needed air to each person person (m³/h)P: number of person The Choice of Air Exchange Rate: Places Air Exchange Rate(t/h) m³/per person Libraries 10~20 30 Paint room 10~20 30 School classroom 3~8 30...

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