It is unavoidable in the case of your grow tent arrangement. You should have a filter in your grow room for a lot of different reasons. There isn't even a single reason to not have a filter in your room! So, if you don't have this device, your plants won't give you what you expect at the end. Go ahead and put one in your plants to make them happy.

Hon&Guan Activated Carbon Filter is also very important because these are a few things that will show you why you need one.

  1. Is your grow room smelly?
  2. If so, what is wrong with them?
  3. Is the outside of the grow room always smelly?
  4. Are there people who have allergies or respiratory infections who live near a grow room?

If you ask these questions to yourself, you will find out if you need to use a filter or not. Right?

What Does Carbon Filter Do in Grow Tent?

Why do I need to filter here in every grow tent I put together?  When they buy a filter, growers often think about these questions more. Check out how a filter can protect your plant and the environment around your farm.

  1. It removes odor: The filter is made to stop odor particles from getting stuck in its pores. Plants can breathe in fresh air now.
  2. It allows fresh air to flow through the tent: If there is no filter, only air will move through the tent, not fresh air. It gets circulated by fans so that it can reach the plant over and over again.

This is because the pre-filter cover also traps dust. It can protect your plant from dust particles this way. There are filters that are even more advanced, and they can also keep harmful allergen extracts from getting into the air.

Benefits of Hon&Guan Activated Carbon Filter for Grow Tent:

When you make an artificial environment for plants to grow inside, you have to think about a lot of things. During a natural setting, plants tend to make gases that can be seen in the air. However, indoor plants can be a problem if you don't make enough arrangements to start off an odor that emits carbon and other gases.

People who live near farms use carbon filters to remove odors that come from fertilizer, water, or carbon dioxide released during photosynthesis, as well as from other pollutants. It not only keeps the inside of your tent clean, but also the outside.

As a bonus, it also gets rid of the smell of sulphide or other harmful fertilizer extracts that might make people who live near them have allergies. Some filters are actually better at grabbing dust particles if they have an extra layer of pre-filter to help them do their job better. In this way, the quality of the air goes up. Putting them up outside or inside the tent is easy, and even if you don't have enough space, you can hang them under the tent's roof area.

How do Activated Carbon Filters Work?

Although a filtration system that uses chemical reactions to decontaminate air may sound complicated, it is actually rather simple. Activated carbon is usually sold in thick or thin packets that can be used to clean the air. It is then put into the main device that cleans the air, like an air purifier or a HEPA air filter, to do the job.

Air that has been contaminated enters the filtration system, passes through the active carbon, and is cleaned when it leaves. If activated carbon is used with a HEPA filter, it stops bigger particles like dust and lint from getting to the HEPA filter, which makes the  filter work better and last longer.


Will a fan do? Or do I need a carbon filter to make sure the air is clean? Growers sometimes find it hard to understand. Then why do they need to use a filter? They thought that fans could get rid of the smell from the grow tent.

Yes, it's true that fans can do the job of moving the air very quickly. If fans move more air, filters can do more to clean the air. The only thing you need to do is circulate the air, but you also need to clean the air. The filter fan combo makes sure that pure air moves around the tent.

Does Carbon filter Affect the Growth of the plant?

No, carbon filters don't affect photosynthesis or the growth of plants. There is no direct effect on the crop from this machine. However, they may be affected by it in some way. Air quality is the main thing that helps plants grow. When you put in a carbon filter, the air around the growing area will be free of chemical odors, carbon particles, and other harmful fertilizer's gas.

How Long Does a Carbon Filter last?

Carbon filters are usually good for about 6 to 12 months, depending on things like temperature, humidity, how they're set up, and more.

The bad news is that after you rinse them, you can't use them again because it doesn't work. When they are done, you will have to buy new ones. There is no other way to do this so far. However, if your area is too dusty, dry, and hot, they may not last for six months. It is very common for growers to put the wrong size of filter in their grow room. This makes the filter more likely to break down faster. Another way to figure out how long a filter will last is to look at how good it is. There are filters that aren't very good that don't last as long,

Does a Carbon Filter Need to be used with small grow tent?

Whether you grow in small tents or big ones you will always need to use a carbon filter to keep the air inside clean. None of this has anything to do with the fact that you're growing in a smaller space. Even a single plant in the house can make a bad smell. Though it doesn't have a big effect on plant growth, it can have an effect on the air around you. For this, go with small filters instead of big ones, like those that come in packs.

Safety Factors for Carbon Filters

The filtering device itself is not dangerous, but very few things in the environment can harm it. Also, if it isn't put in the right way, it could cause problems. To make sure your filter doesn't have a lot of risks, let's go over a few things.

  1. The carbon inside the filter dries out because there is more moisture in the air. People in the grow room will be able to smell it because it won't let air through. To avoid this, you should keep an eye on the humidity.
  2. When carbon becomes more dense, the work of the fans that remove it increases. Fans can get hot and start a fire in very hot or very cold weather. So, it's a good idea to put a circuit breaker near the Hon&Guan 5 Inch 167 CFM Inline Duct Fan to avoid fire or damage. Also, when people use fertilizers and spray, they make a thick layer of carbon. This layer of carbon can make it hard for air to pass through the soil.
  3. You should always put in a filter that is stronger than the fan that you have. In this way, the fan will not get too hot because it is working too hard.

Does it need to be turned on all the time?

You want to run the inline fan all the time, but if you want to make the carbon filter last longer, it doesn't need to be hooked up during the veg stage. When the plants start to smell during flower, you can use the carbon filter to mask the smell. Their power is turned off during the growing process so that I can get rid of the smell.


Activated carbon filters are used a lot to make Hon&Guan 600D Mylar Grow Tent and grow rooms smell less bad and control the amount of pollution they make. In most cases, the carbon filter is attached to the inline duct fan or the end of ducting. It cleans the air that comes through. In the end, there is cleaner air that doesn't smell or have other allergens in it. The smells and emissions that come from your home can make it difficult to live there, or they can be dangerous at the worst. Filtering the air is important for people who have respiratory problems, so let's look at how a carbon filter protects your sense of smell.

It is very important that you have a filter to grow in your tent. You can't move on with your growing projects unless you have this tool. It's easy to set up and use.  Check out what size of carbon filter for grow tent well before you buy one. The carbon filter in my grow tent should be done now, so there should be no more questions about whether or not I need to put one in.



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