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Can the fresh air system effectively block the virus?

Viruses are relatively small in diameter and cannot survive alone in the air. They can only parasitize bacteria or microorganisms in the air. The fresh air system with HEPA filter can effectively filter and block PM2.5, bacteria, viruses, tiny organisms, etc. The purification rate is as high as 99%, which can prevent viruses from entering the room to the greatest extent.

A healthy life is inseparable from the household fresh air system

  1. Always add fresh air to the room

In winter, the temperature is low, and it is not practical to open windows for a long time, and atmospheric smog PM2.5 particles will enter the room. In summer, the temperature is high, opening windows for ventilation when the air conditioner is turned on will cause energy loss and increase. In a closed room, the air cannot circulate, which can easily cause physical discomfort.

  1. Positive pressure air supply to prevent viruses from entering

The positive pressure fresh air system can maintain a slight positive pressure in the room, and the air can only be sent into the room after being filtered by the fresh air system, which virtually adds a protective cover to the home.

  1. Ventilation and energy saving

The fresh air system with the function of full heat recovery can keep the indoor temperature constant through energy exchange without electricity, which not only saves money, but also keeps the indoor air clean.

The first step in a healthy life is to start with the fresh air system, bid farewell to indoor pollution, and do a good job in epidemic prevention to protect the health of family members.


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