Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long – Hon&Guan
Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long
Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long
Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long
Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long
Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long
Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long

Clear Dust Collection PU Hose - 6.56 FT Long

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¡¤ Material: PU
¡¤ Tempreture range: -40¡ãF ~ 194 ¡ãF£¨-40¡æ to 90¡æ)
¡¤ Color: Transparent

3 inch X 6.56 ft

4 inch X 6.56 ft

5 inch X 6.56 ft

6 inch?X 6.56 ft?

Product Features
- PU hose is super strong abrasion, chemical and puncture resistance, which is an excellent solution for dust collection, fume ventilation and material handling applications.
- This super strong hose will not collapse under pressure from your dust collector.
- Super-light weight and flexible construction allows you to position the hose exactly where you want.
- Clear material helps you spot blockages during operation.

- PU vacuum pipe is widely used in the glass transportation industry, wood industry, steel industry, plastics industry, mining pit, shipbuilding industry, cement industry, etc., especially for the use of abrasive environments.
- Suitable for dust collection systems, food and pharmaceuticals, oil mist/spray extraction, leaf-blowing, and wet/dry process conveyance applications.
- For woodworking, this hose is ideal for using with CNC routers, molders, planers, table saws, sanders, and closed loop transfer systems.

Package Includ:
1X Hon&Guan Clear Dust Collection PU Hose

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Customer Reviews

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Very heavy and smooth on the inside even though it is very flexible!!

Great dust hose. I used the 5" as the exhaust to filter connection on my Harbor Freight/ Oneida cyclone hybrid. The 5" line runs from the exhaust of the collector outside to the shop, through the wall and is connected to Wynn Environmental filter on the inside of my shop. This hose is a heavy duty flexible choice that is very smooth on the inside for better airflow.

On the fence as to whether this should be 4 or 5 star

I have 4" hose. I like the quality of this hose. It is very solid and well built. The problem I have is that the 'wind' is backwards to what we normally get in the US. I tried to use my good hose clamps that compensate for the spiral by providing a bridge, but, since the wind is reversed from what we use, those clamps were worst than just a simple band clamp.
The size is a bit small but I attribute most of this to the good thickness of the material. It fits tightly on the hose fittings and that's normally good, but my application requires me to move one end of the hose between two pieces of equipment so that will be a challenge.
Net: if I can find spiral clamps that go in the opposite twist, this would be my 'go to' hose. Otherwise...
Dunno. Depends on the application.

VERY tight fit

The quality of this hose seams pretty good. The issue I had is that it is a VERY tight fit for a 5" hose. I had to pry this thing on to get it to fit my JET dust collector.

Teresia Dean
Really, really close, but needed some crafting.

I don't have much experience with big 6" hoses for dust/fume extraction. I bought this one and fought with it getting onto a 6" elbow. One side of the fight was that the heavy plastic overhung the last part of the metal coil and would get caught on some edge of the elbow and kept one from getting the whole diameter around the elbow. I trimmed off as much of the overhang without exposing the wire in order to control that variable - it helped. The good news is it's a snug fit when you get there - but it is tedious to install. Find your happy space before you attempt this one.

Very strong material

I bought this to replace the 5” hose on my Jet dust collector. I am impressed with how strong the material is, it was pretty tough to cut with a utility knife and tin snips. But it was incredibly difficult to fit on the 5” ports connecting the fan to the container. After much struggling, I was able to get it on but it is very tight.



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