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White Flexible Aluminum Foil Air Vent Duct
White Flexible Aluminum Foil Air Vent Duct
White Flexible Aluminum Foil Air Vent Duct
White Flexible Aluminum Foil Air Vent Duct

White Flexible Aluminum Foil Air Vent Duct

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  • Material: aluminum + PET, outer layer with PVC film;
  • Light Resist: Thick layer of Black PVC on this ducting prevents light leaks. Works with exhaust and intake fans, carbon filters and hooded lights which are 4" in diameter.
  • High quality: Under the Black PVC layer our ducting is built with 2 layers of Aluminum Foil With a layer of PET and Steel Wire Helix to preserve the shape,keep your ventilation system free of rips and pin holes.
  • Low Noise Silencer: designed for reducing noise from fans and carbon filter systems, can decrease the noise by up to 50%.
  • Variety of Applications: HVAC, Bathroom, Greenhouse, Grow room and Tent and so on.

Customer Reviews

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Erica G.
Exactly what I needed

My dryer vent was conventional size of 4"diameter, but the outlet from the wall was 5" diameter. This size was not sold in any hardware store in town, so naturally Amazon had it available. It was a perfect fit with clamps and had more than enough tubing left over. I simply cut off what I didn't need and will save it for later. So thankful I could find this size.

Mike W
Great, sturdy ducting but...

It claims this is 4" ducting... which is the same size as "normal". but with the coating, it's not as flexible or easy to get on to the dryer or the exhaust vent or the 4" air box we have in-line to help prevent back-draft from the outside vent. I was able to get it on, but it was MUCH more difficult than I anticipated.
Given that, once it was in place, it stayed there. The clamps were easy to get on. I don't feel anything escaping from the ducting and it was more than long enough to reach from my dryer to the air box. I think that, despite the difficulties in getting the ducting on the dryer and outside vent, it is definitely worth it. Great price, long enough to work in my basement laundry room and looks/feels sturdy enough to last for years.

Great for hijacking air from one room to another

I have one room in direct sun that has a single supply air vent that gets real hot in the summer. I have another room on the opposite side that is not frequently used. So I bought a rectangular vent to 6" circular converter for the opposite room and this Hon&Guan 6 Inch Air Duct - 32 FT Long. When I need to cool the hot room I pull the ducting into the hot room and effectively get two air vents for that room which makes a big difference. When I am finished I bring the ducting back and it accordions nicely into a small size. As an extra benefit I can better direct the air from the opposite room to anywhere I want in that room. Expensive alternatives would have been for a contractor to make an additional vent in the hot room (really expensive) or to convert the return vent in the hot room to a supply vent that might have had bad consequences. I'm very happy with the solution I chose and have been using it for the past few months.

Perfect for replacing your air duct.

We just moved into another house, and the kitchen air duct hasn't been replaced in over 8 years. The old air duct was almost black from the buildup of grease. This was super easy to install,and it saves you money from hiring someone to do it for you. Works perfectly, and since I know how to replace it now, we will be doing it ourselves every few years from now on.

Good airflow

I got this to replace my vent for my dryer. I normally clean the inside of it every year to keep good airflow, but my old tube is over 10 years old and had a lot of dents due to things bumping into it. So even when I clean the inside, the airflow is not what it used to. After installing this, I feel like it made my clothes dry faster. The black color also look much better than my old dusty silver one.



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