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FAQs about Exhaust Fans & Inline Fans

About Exhaust Fans

1. Q: Why the duct of fan is longer than my old one?
A: Our exhaust fans has a check valve which takes long distance inside the duct.

2. Q: Does the bulb of type-B can be replaced?
A: Yes. Please replace the a 5W bulb with GU10 connector.

3. Q: Can I install the fan with a rope switch?
A: Yes. You can.

4. Q: How many fans do I need in my room?
A: Below formula will help you:

Fan Qty.= Room Square * Air Exchange Hour
                 Air Flow Vol. of Selected Product

5. Q: Does this fan can be mounted in the bathroom?
A: Yes. Avoid the water drops though it has IP34 rating.

6. Q: Can the fans can be mounted on a window?
A: Yes. We equipped with a rubber seal ring to help you install easily on the window.


About In-Line Duct Fans

1. Q: Can I use the fan with stepless controller?
A: HF-P/HF-S/GF/HA Series can not.
HF-PE Series included the controller.

2. Q: How do I install the smart fan by myself?
A: The smart fan included two models.
Wired: Just connect the fan power and the run the fan by controller
Wireless: Separately connect the power of fan body & controller,then click the button to run the fan.

3. Q: How can I choose the fan model according to my room?
A: First, Measure the size of your ducting pipe, then match it rightly;
Second, Measure your room square and calculate the CFMs;
Third, Compare the fan model CFMs.

4. Q: Why the noise I measured myself is higher than your statement?
A: Our products are tested by the engineer in the vacuum laboratory which are different with the normal environment test. And we usually recommend use with ducting pipe to reduce noise.

5. Q: Can I dismantle the fan parts to repair it by myself?
A: We do not recommend the customer repair it by oneself.
You can consult the exact question with our sales.

6. Q: Can I install two or more fans in my house? How it works?
A: Yes, you can. You can check the product page or consult the electricians.

7. Q: How long is warranty?
A: 12-month quality warranty after purchase.

8. Q: What’ s the IP rating of product and normal working environment?
A: IP44 rating. Operating temperature range: -20~60℃.



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